Understanding change
Changing understanding

Climate change consultancy and data analysis service.

Business solutions

World-class climate expertise to inform business decisions. Get the market advantage in a changing world.

World-leading data

Climate and Earth system data specialists. We have the know how to access latest climate data and knowledge and to present in a way your business will understand.

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EarthSystemData Consultancy provides world-class climate science expertise, data and advice tailored to business and industry sectors. We’re specialists in climate science and data, but whether your interest is in engineering, health or agriculture, we speak your language. We solve present-day and future climate data needs for major work-flow requirements including:

Present-day and future scenarios Рall elements of the Earth system covered using the latest U.N. & I.P.C.C. accredited  research:

Fast turn around, dedicated service.

Let’s talk.

Data experts

Over 20 years of climate and earth science data expertise. Data extraction, formatting and interpretation is our soul. Multi-language coding. Our own scientific servers.

Global coverage

Data and advice for any global region. We use the latest data sets to meet your climate and environmental needs.

Past & Future

Provision of historical, present-day and future global climate scenarios. Whether your interest is a project for today or decades ahead we will help.

Innovative viz

We develop innovative, crisp climate data visualisation and informatic access. We have already brought two flagship apps to market and can develop bespoke interactive interfaces for your precise project needs.


With over 20 years of cutting-edge climate research our team and contacts are the perfect blend of scientific know-how and business awareness. We bring leading science to market.

Sector specialists

As well as providing raw climate / Earth system data we will help you transform the data into meaningful metrics to help you isolate your exposures and maximise your benefits.