Mine Closure

Winter 2018-2019

Project brief

EarthSystemData was appointed to provide our client, a major precious metal mining firm, with future climatic scenario data as part of a decommissioning project for a sub-arctic location. Data were needed to perform appropriate environmental due-diligence including hydrological modelling for the site, representative of possible future climate conditions to the year 2100.  

ESD sampled the EURO-CORDEX high-resolution Regional Climate Modelling CMIP5 archive providing the latest available regional climatic projections for a selection of future emission scenarios for the closure site, in-line with the client budget. We advised and delivered a bias-correction calculation on the raw climate model data which reduced the bias in the modelled data resulting in closer characteristics with real-world conditions at the mine-closure site. 

For our client a fast turnaround time was a priority.  ESD delivered within 8 weeks, providing our client with full output, bias-corrected data, formatted for their on-going analyses and provided fully-summarised reports outlining methodology and meta-data. 

Skills deployed

  • Climate change / climate data advice
  • Data access to latest UN IPCC climate projections
  • Extracting high-resolution future projections at 11km resolution
  • Handling multiple scenarios for varying levels of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Analysis of present-day weather records at site
  • Bias-correcting future projections in-line with local weather 
  • Post-processing climate model data to drive further variables
  • Final report writing
  • Priority turn-around time to enable rapid client project progression